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Who we are and what we do

Welcome to innovation, welcome to Bank Investments Limited.

Rethinking investment nuances and constantly adapting to shifts in the evolving global economic landscape, Bank Investments Limited explores new horizons whilst detecting and mitigating investment risks.

We are recognised for our progressive ideas, impactful solutions and entrepreneurial flair.

We leverage our vast expertise in traditional and alternative investment strategies to provide trusted, industry-standard financial solutions across varied asset-classes.

Focusing on low-to-medium risk investment options, we ensure our ahead-of-the-curve strategies deliver a balanced risk-to-return ratio. The result is a competitive, streamlined and innovative investment service based on ideas-centric, on-the-pulse financial advice, tailored to our individual clients’ needs.

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Corporate Finance: We are specialists in Fundraising, as well as offering a boutique of services encompassing Mergers & Acquisitions, Equity & Debt Capital Market Investment Advice, Restructuring and Special Situations.

The team has considerable experience and an excellent track record in raising funds for various entities. Bank Investments Limited has raised Capital / Debt by way of Public Listings of Debt & Equities and Private Placements and we specialise in Emerging Markets and in Bonds, Convertible Bonds and Equities.

Securities Trading: Our specialist team liaises daily with over 200 market counterparties across Fixed Income, Bonds, Equities, FX and Commodities to provide the best pricing for our traders.

Our trading specialists apply structured processes, optimal control and risk management to all transactions. With access to 41 global markets, our London international trading desk is experienced in providing our clients with access to traditional markets as well as the creation and trading of ADRs / GDRS / Convertibles and arbitrage strategies.

Asset Allocation & Planning

Today’s global markets are increasingly complex and volatile. Long-term trends can be difficult to differentiate from short-term fluctuations. Even experienced investors look for guidance and advice to meet their investment needs.

Bank Investments Limited is well positioned to handle complex client requirements. From access to global securities on an execution basis, or taking advantage of the wide reaching knowledge of our highly experienced team, to build and maintain a portfolio, clients worldwide come to Bank Investments Limited for bespoke asset allocation and planning.

Investment Compass – Asset Allocation Time Cycle

Innovation lies at the heart of our Investment Compass, a visual representation of market timing dynamics. As Victor Hugo once remarked – ‘one can resist the invasion of armies; one cannot withstand the invasion of ideas’.

The Investment Compass is created by our wealth advisory and investment management teams, as a guide to market conditions and strategic investment allocation.

Based on rigorous micro-analysis and our experienced macro-economic knowledge, the Compass measures what Bank's Investments Limited asset allocation committee think of prevailing market conditions and where we suggest optimal asset allocation should be.

Markets do not remain static. With time, assets become more or less optimal investments, rotating around the clock-face to enter into the zones of Buy, Hold, Overweight, Underweight, Neutral and Sell.

The arrow at the top represents the present, to the left of the arrow are assets whose time have arrived; to the right are assets whose time has waned.

Real Estate

Bank Investments Limited has a holistic approach to real estate investing. We understand and appreciate that real estate investing is fundamental to High-Net Worth Individuals’ portfolios, and real estate investments are looked to opportunistically within the context of the whole portfolio.

Particular expertise across Asset Allocation & Planning, Emerging Market Fixed-Income & Equities, Structured Solutions and Real Estate adds dynamism to the firm beyond most boutique investment houses.

Investment portfolios

Investment plans of Bank Investments Limited are stable and reliable.
Our investment schemes have been tested by our analysts and have proven to be steady in almost any extreme conditions.
They are competitive, profitable and the safest on the market.

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